Fund Safety and Security Programs w/Available Government Grants

There has been a dramatic increase in school violence across the country and our government is taking action. Conjointly, they are injecting hundreds of millions of dollars into school safety grants next year. Keep your school community safe and prepare to apply.



There are three keys to achieving successful grant awards


Security Specific Assessment

Vulnerability Focused



Grant Writing

Investment Justification must match Security Assessment


Grant Management 

Personalized Grant Reimbursement Services

It’s not rocket science, but it is an art.

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Why choose EMD?


It’s simple. Their track record with grant awards and funding. The team at EMD has over 95% success rate winning 100% of available grant funds year over year. Plus you get all of the following for one low $5,000-rate.

  • Personalized grant support
  • Grant specific security assessment
  • Grant answers and investment justification
  • Win over $300K in grant funding from a single grant assessment

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Elisa Mula formed EMD in 2004 to help clients achieve their security objectives through a comprehensive approach to assessing threats, funding safety programs, and developing best practices. Her depth of experience allows her to continue to develop her practice with both public and private sector security professionals.

Ms. Mula received her Masters’ Degree in Protection Management from John Jay College where she developed her extensive knowledge-base of security grants, physical security best practices, and advanced technologies that increase security and reduce risk.


Email: [email protected]

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