Are you ready for the next emergency?

May 18, 2021

It's a sad truth that the safety of our loved ones can no longer be taken for granted once they walk outside the front door. Mass shootings and school shootings are becoming distressingly common, even in areas that are not usually known for high crime rates, and there's absolutely no way to predict when or where domestic terrorism will happen next or who will instigate it.

The question that instantly comes to mind when you say bulletproof backpack is - do I really need one?

It could be a good investment if you, or someone you care about:


  • spends their day in a school or on a university campus (as a student or staff member)
  • works for or is associated with any organization that could make them a higher target for violence 
  • lives/works in or is travelling to a high-crime area


A bulletproof backpack is one of those rare purchases you hope you never need to use, but knowing it's there for worst-case-scenarios can do a lot for you and your loved ones' peace of mind.

Because mass shootings have become so commonplace, retailers across the country say they have seen growing demand for bullet-resistant products for children — as well as for doctors, teachers, flight attendants and taxi drivers — giving rise to an industry of ballistic goods for everyday Americans.

Although an “emergency kit” can mean a lot of different things (such as a kit you keep in your vehicle during bad weather), we believe a bug out bag can be the most effective emergency kit because it’s a well thought out pack of emergency items that can help you deal with the widest range of scenarios.

It’s important to use a solid mental framework and understand as to why certain gear is included (or not), so that you can make your own decisions when putting together what’s right for you.

That’s why we’re sharing our list of favorite items for you to get started.  This won't cover all your needs but it will kickstart your preparedness journey. Feel free to customize your bag according to your region, weather conditions and of course the risks you think you are more likely to encounter.  



If you’re on a limited budget, don’t go cheaper than any of the “budget picks” we recommend in our reviews — it’s not worth buying a prep item if it will fail when you need it, and almost all of the super low-cost items found online are limited in quality.  

Tips and common mistakes


  • Don’t carry too much weight
  • Don’t pack a bunch of extras. 
  • Keep in mind you need to stay hydrated, fed, warm, dry, and uninjured. Everything needs to support those goals!
  • Be thoughtful about the environment around you and what risks are likely to occur.


In 2019, 417 mass shootings occurred in the U.S. That's more than one for every day of the year. You never know when or where the next incident will occur, so it makes sense to keep yourself and your loved ones protected. Wearing body armor is no guarantee everything will go your way during a firearm incident, but it certainly offers a better chance of survival than without it. That's why we at EMD want you to know about bulletproof backpacks: so that you can have some peace of mind in these troubling times.

If you have questions or need advice, we are here to help. For more information email [email protected].  

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